Counsellor ~ Coach ~ Confidant

Who am I?

I am a woman who loves to learn. Learning about people and places inspired the first chunk of my adult life to be centred around travel, relationships, and the deeper questions of Self. Shifting into the ‘Mother’ perspective has allowed for the grounding and integration of lessons learnt throughout my ‘Maiden’ adventures. In my counselling practice I hold space online for women to gain insights into their own lives and wellbeing. In our sessions the focus may centre around:

  • Self awareness and care
  • Personal development
  • Mind and body integration
  • Motivation, values & understanding
  • Grief & loss
  • Tools available for moving forward.

Counselling is a secure relationship with identified boundaries. This creates a safe space for speaking the unspoken. Counselling is a unique relationship that supports you in finding a deeper understanding of yourself and the situation. When working together, I follow the counselling principle of walking side-by-side through the discovery process. You are the leader in your life.

In my counselling approach, I practice curiosity through the lenses of a person-centred approach, mind:body connection, somatic/physiological affect, deep active listening, spiritual impact, and ongoing education. I believe deeply in celebrating personal growth and relishing positive shifts within my client’s lives (and my own!).