Integrated Body Therapy

Integrated Body Therapy

A combination of talk therapy and body work, I will take time to listen and understand what has brought you to this space.

As physical discomfort and emotional pain can run in parallel, the session will be unique to the individual.

The desired outcome of each session is established at the commencement and you will leave with appropriate tools to support yourself within your day to day life.

In a world that is highly reactive, it is my purpose to facilitate understanding towards the creation of a joyful daily life for myself and those who choose to work with me.  How often do you take time to feel heard, be seen, and create lightness in your day? In spending time exploring the self there is availability for increased ‘knowing’ whilst also learning how to integrate supports for ongoing self-reliance.

With evidence based practice constantly providing new research around mental and physical health, alongside ongoing studies into the wellness and wellbeing interaction, a global approach to all facets of life is taken.

Integrated Body Therapy:

Your body tells a story, your mind controls the narrative.

Working with the physical self and the emotional self, integrated body therapy combines Exercise Physiology (AEP) with Counselling (PACFA) to deepen the therapeutic process for both body and mind.

Create the story of your life.

Learn the tools unique to you.

If my skillset sounds like it is what you need in your life, make an appointment.