Hi, I’m Hayley – thanks for finding your way to my about page. If you’ve hit this point, you want to know a bit about me and what I do. Day to day I work with people who want to know more about themselves. This may result in many outcomes – from a deeper resonance with Self, a greater sense of ‘knowing’ informing choices, to feelings of freedom in the everyday.

Exploring your life in a collaborative and creative manner, I bring curiosity and alchemy to the equation to help bring what’s got you troubled into the light. Together we investigate solutions that suit your life, while discovering the tools specific to your needs to bring alignment to the fore.

Often working with me feels like catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. That feeling of knowing they care about you, yet they aren’t attached to what your best life looks like. You know that they just want you to feel like you’re on your path, taking in the joy from your day. That’s the way I hold space for my clients. Sometimes there may be tears, more often there is laughter (especially after one of those light bulb epiphanies!), there is always just a touch of magic.