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I’ve done a pretty good job at maintaining control in my life. Even in the chaos I have been able to see what is possible, how I can rescue myself, how I can maintain some semblance of ‘control’.

“Relax. Everything is out of control”

A co-worker put this post it on my computer the other day and I thought “yep. that’s about it”. I’ve recently stepped into two new spaces that are really new to me work wise. Every angle I check from, the work is exciting, it’s scary, and I have no idea what it’s going to develop into. One area – being the Student Support Advisor in a tertiary creative college is really independent. There is the ability to make the role quite involved across different elements of the ‘student experience’ if you’re highly self motivated and can fit other things into your schedule. I describe this role as being the bridge “between life and academia”.

One of my favourite parts is assisting students through their state of overwhelm and collaborating on a plan that will support them moving forward. Seeing their faces shift from anxiety to calm is quite rewarding. I get a positive feedback kick from working with them and they feel heard and contained, with a plan to through the next couple of hurdles as the assessments and life rolls on. We tend to be drawn to what we are good at, right?

The scary space between beginning and success

A new location calls for an update in my approach to working with people. I’ve long been the type of clinical therapist (AEP) who works with both the body and the mind, recognising their integration. It has long baffled me how much these two elements are separated in some approaches to rehabilitation and therapy from either end. So, I created my own approach – Integrated Body Therapy.

This is where vulnerability kicks in. Each passing hour I don’t have a client booked in I question if I can do this. Do I need another qualification? Another degree?

The reality is I know I can. I’ve spent time in people’s spaces physically and virtually doing versions of “Integrated Body Therapy” before I gave it a name. Though as I sit in my rented space in Byron Bay, each week I feel so exposed if my calendar is empty. As if it’s an electronic example of me failing. I want to shut it all down, call someone I know will value my opinions and thoughts and pretend like it’s the same thing as having actual clients. (As it happens, I had a call from a friend who wanted my thoughts and opinions just as I wrote that sentence… Killing it! Ha!).

This is my own version of “daring greatly“, of putting myself into an uncomfortable position with the willingness to see it through. Each time the scary space seems overwhelming, I pick a tool that I’d use with a client and practice what I preach. Come back to a space of who I am, what I have to offer to my clients, and who I am choosing to be every day.

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