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It was as simple as moving a yoga block.

Last night I was in a yoga class. It was a full space, Autumn drawing people towards the cozy ‘inside’ version of life in the Southern Hemisphere. Though yoga is a personal pursuit, trying to maintain your focus within the boundaries of your own mat, close proximity can prelude interaction. With bodies resting about 5 inches apart from one another, the yogi next to me noted my block obstructing my intended movement. He paused and simply moved it out of my way. It was such a simple thing, I had such a strong reaction to it. Then I remembered: “kindness”.

The kindness of strangers

Kindness is not an abstract or foreign concept in my world. The people I surround myself with are wonderful. I think the thing that threw me was the act of kindness was performed by a stranger. It was not expected, not an action in response to anything I had initiated, it was just kindness.

As I left class and thought about the profound response I’d had to something quite simple, I realised it was an example of me “letting kindness in”. In the roles I embody in both a professional and personal capacity I am often the soft landing, the nurturer, where the ‘feel good’ emotions live. Kindness and caring is something I consciously cultivate to offer to others and more recently, myself. In participating in my own kindness and self-care, I have a much greater capacity to be of service to others.

Letting it in

Being the type of person who works well independently, can generally get shit done, letting someone be kind can be a foreign concept. I generally give off an air of “I’m all good.” It’s almost a selfish approach to only ever be the person who gives. Giving allows you to get all the feel good feedback chemical responses, whilst also creating a platform to be seen in an independent, self-sufficient, and ‘together’ human.

Recently, I’ve been working with my idea of being vulnerable and how that allows for others to be kind to me. The final part is letting them. Letting that simple kindness to be met with a grace of gratitude. These new ‘yoga block’ moments provide an emotional feedback loop for me (I get how this sounds like a significant response to something so minor – but you’ve come this far, stay with me). I can see that I’m softening the “I’m okay” vibe and people are stepping into that space with the good stuff. That’s a shift. What a win!

Today’s result

It continues. I woke up to a message of kindness from an unexpected place. It was received with gratitude and love. I spent some time in self care activities before embarking into my role in Integrated Body Therapy and feel really good for it. As much as “I’ve got this” (what ever ‘this’ is), the last 24 hours have shown that kindness is a feeling I’d like welcome into my life on a frequent basis.

This life thing is a team game. If you are keen to have me on your side lemme know here (we can hangout in person/online/on the phone – though a visit to Byron Bay is always good for the soul 😉

Until next time, let a little kindness in.

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