Anticipation is an interesting thing…

I find myself sitting at the dining room table on a Saturday night surrounded by text books, writing implements, music and my dog.  I am sitting here researching an assignment on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  This is a ‘third wave’ approach that is mostly associated with Steven Hayes, Dr Russ Harris in Australia is kicking some notable goals with it also.  With each theory I spend time learning about, I feel like I’m ever closer to seeing my first paying client.  I can see how these elements can help the people deal with themselves and others.  It’s not a one stop shop for all conditions, for all people, for all situations.  This is one of the things I love learning about most, the uniqueness simply has to be integrated into each person’s approach.  This is also what I love about Exercise Physiology.  Taking the physical presentation of a client, then layering it with all of the psycho-social threads they present to you.  Goal as treating clinician is to identify and collaborate with the client how, in the context of their psycho-social environment, we can move them forward physically.

To recap: I’m a bio-psycho-social nerd. I am friendly though, which I have going for me!

As I sit at my computer, as I sit in tutorials, as I sit at my desk(s) at work, I can see how it all fits together theoretically.  I can see how my therapeutic collaboration with clients can assist – in as big or little manner as they choose.
As I sit with anticipation, I ponder: what is this skillset I have to offer the world going to shape into?

I am enjoying all the learning, all the pieces showing themselves to me.  My greatest desire is to take a giant piece of golden metaphorical thread and weave them all together.  Resulting in a tangible experience that shifts people’s lives in a forward and positive way.  Pulling the etherial into the experiential.

Whilst I am sitting with anticipation – I practice meditation (practice what your preach/practice), mindfulness, distancing hypothetical thoughts (an ACT technique), and play.  Play with appreciation is my fave.  I can guarantee it will be highly featured in my work moving forward.

I guess that means I’ll leave you, dear reader, with some anticipation of your own. I know this work I do will be big and audacious, in a loving and playful manner.  Let the anticipation build!