A good listener, combined with insightful and thoughtful questions creates the space to find your own answers.

Posture, understanding, and application – let your body be understood and your mind come to rest.

The integration of body and mind. Taking time to listen to how the body is speaking to you so you can make choices to support yourself now and in the future.


Who is Hayley Kearney and what is she about?

Excellent questions,  glad you asked.

I am interested in humans, partly because I am one.
I am interested in how we move, how we think, and how it all goes together with the magic we call ‘energy’.

My academic pursuits include Counselling (Grad Dip) and Exercise Physiology (Accredited).
I also dabble in yoga, stretching, and many other types of movement.

My talents include listening deeply to what lies beneath your words and making bodies feel better through simple movement. I share tools and strategies with you and follow along as you practice them in all areas of your life.

I have worked in large corporations, I have worked for myself, I have travelled, I have a dog.  In our time together I bring all my experiences and knowledge to the table to create time and space for you to do the same.

It’s body work, it’s emotional work, it’s talk therapy, it’s a combination of all things life.

I have spent over 30 years figuring out how to create fun in all areas of my life.
That’s how I roll – I’d enjoy hearing about you.

Thoughts and Interesting Things