There are many ways to move through challenges we face through life. Often turning to friends and family for support is a good and logical option, however sometimes you need someone who is just YOURS. Yours to sort through all the different elements, to have exploratory conversations without any attachment to others or outcomes, to be able to state your thoughts and go from there.

The counselling relationship creates the space of safety for curiosity, for following thought and conversation pathways in a held manner. Counselling is a collaborative endeavour, working together to create clarity and understanding.

Counselling with Hayley moves through a process she’s termed Aligned Alchemy:
provide support through a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination of both’.
The counselling relationship built between Hayley and her clients is based on trust and openness, the defining and holding of boundaries, a place of non-judgement, and a willing curiosity. Hayley uses a variety of approaches based on the interest and availability of her clients.